Extracts from our guestbook:

„We appreciated it very much, a gallery, which can be entered without any inhibition. The exhibition is gorgeous!“

„We really enjoyed the selection, composition and type of presentation. This gallery has more atmosphere than most museums.“

„An enrichment for Lüneburg and a pleasing combination in this house.“

„A huge, valuable asset to this already beautiful city!“

„As modern as this "Altes Kaufhaus"presents itself, the modern artists present themselves in this gallery. Thank you for a surprising enjoyment of art!“

„A gift for the eyes and soul.“

„A small "treasure chest", a wonderful plac eto enjoy!“

„This gallery opened excluisively for us. What a luxury!“

„At last - modern art to which one can find an access!“

„Young art in Lüneburg - I was looking for - and discovered really great artists!“

„A nice "optical box of chocolates". Something for everyone!“

„Exhibition makes you desire colour and paint brush, makes merry and happy!“

„A fireworks of art!“

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